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TOTAL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS is here with the best civil – structural engineering services. We have a best team of engineers & designer who are worked in this field from last so many years. They are best in steel, concrete & Timber structural design. We will offer you the best quality of Steel/Concrete/Timber according to your need and budget.

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Welcome to Total Engineering Consultants, where we redefine versatility in structural engineering. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of materials, each carefully chosen to bring out the best in your projects. Explore the possibilities of steel, concrete, and timber structures with a partner committed to innovation and precision.

Steel Structures:

Engineering Excellence in Steel:

At Total Engineering Consultants, we harness the strength and flexibility of steel to create structures that stand the test of time. Whether it’s soaring skyscrapers, industrial facilities, or intricate architectural designs, our steel structures embody engineering excellence.
  • High-Strength Design:
    • Crafting structures with high-strength steel for optimal load-bearing capacity.
    • Precision in detailing and fabrication for seamless construction.
  • Architectural Freedom:
    • Leveraging the versatility of steel for bold and innovative architectural designs.
    • Customized solutions that balance aesthetics with structural integrity.

Concrete Structures:

Solid Foundations, Durable Designs:

Our concrete structures epitomize solidity and durability. Total Engineering Consultants specializes in designing and implementing concrete structures that form the backbone of various construction projects.
  • Advanced Concrete Technologies:
    • Utilizing advanced concrete technologies for superior performance.
    • Expertise in reinforced and precast concrete for diverse applications.
  • Sustainable Concrete Solutions:
    • Integrating sustainable concrete practices for environmentally conscious projects.
    • Concrete designs that align with LEED and green building standards.

Timber Structures:

Natural Elegance, Structural Integrity:

Timber structures bring a touch of natural elegance to architectural designs. At Total Engineering Consultants, we embrace timber as a versatile and sustainable material, offering structural solutions that harmonize with the environment.
  • Structural Timber Design:
    • Expertise in designing timber structures for residential, commercial, and public spaces.
    • Balancing aesthetics with the unique properties of timber.
  • Sustainability Focus:
    • Promoting sustainable forestry practices in the selection of timber materials.
    • Timber designs that contribute to eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction.

Why Choose Total Engineering Consultants?

  1. Material Expertise:
    • Mastery in working with steel, concrete, and timber to meet diverse project requirements.
  2. Innovation and Creativity:
    • Pushing the boundaries of structural design with innovative solutions.
  3. Sustainable Practices:
    • A commitment to sustainable engineering practices across all material choices.
  4. Collaborative Approach:
    • Open communication and collaboration with clients, architects, and construction teams.

Get Started:

Ready to explore the possibilities of steel, concrete, and timber structures for your project? Contact us today to discuss your vision, and let Total Engineering Consultants bring it to life with precision and ingenuity.


Total Engineering Consultants is your gateway to versatile and resilient structural solutions. Whether it’s the strength of steel, the durability of concrete, or the natural beauty of timber, trust us to engineer structures that exceed expectations. Contact us and embark on a journey where material versatility meets engineering excellence.

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