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Bill Of Material Material Take Off

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What does take off mean in construction?

In construction industries, a “takeoff” is the process of determining how much of each material is needed to complete a job. It is also sometimes called a quantity takeoff or material takeoff and sometimes you’ll see it hyphenated as “take-off”.

Why is it called material takeoff?

This is to ensure a proper estimate of the costs and material requirements, and to provide an indication of the labor costs associated with the installation or construction of the materials. This process is known as material take off (MTO) or Bill of material, construction takeoff, or simply as takeoff.

Why take off?

A material takeoff seeks to provide a comprehensive list of materials for a project, as well as their associated quantities. Material takeoffs are used as a reference to understand exactly what materials must be ordered for a construction project, thus determining the quantities of materials accurately is crucial. Even larger projects help general contractors and, fabricators to bid the project with proper margin and increase chances of winning the bid.

What is bill of material?

Bill of material (BoM) contains all the parts and assemblies required to build a complete and shippable product. It provides the detail dimensions of each material that required to make an item along with full directions to assemble the product most proficiently. Bill of materials is a necessary step in erection process of any structure. It is a large list of components, bolts, plates, joints and direction required to construct any industrial or commercial buildings. It is also known as Bill of Quantity (BOQ). You can say it is a summary of the material that is used throughout the project.

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