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2D CAD Conversion Services

2D CAD Conversion Services

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Transforming Ideas with Precision: 2D CAD Conversion Services


Welcome to Total Engineering Consultants, your go-to destination for superior 2D CAD Conversion Services. Unlock the potential of your existing drawings, blueprints, or sketches with our expert team, dedicated to converting your concepts into detailed and accurate digital representations.

What is 2D CAD Conversion?

2D CAD Conversion involves the transformation of hand-drawn sketches, printed blueprints, or legacy drawings into digital format. This process not only preserves valuable design data but also enhances accessibility, collaboration, and the overall efficiency of your projects. Total Engineering Consultants brings a wealth of experience to ensure seamless and accurate 2D CAD conversions.

Our 2D CAD Conversion Services:

  1. Paper to CAD Conversion:
    • Efficient digitization of hand-drawn sketches or paper-based drawings into precise CAD files.
    • Restoration of aging paper documents to ensure longevity and accessibility.
  2. PDF to CAD Conversion:
    • Conversion of PDF files into editable and scalable CAD drawings.
    • Retaining accuracy and dimensions while enhancing usability.
  3. Raster to Vector Conversion:
    • Transformation of raster images (JPEG, PNG, etc.) into vector-based CAD drawings.
    • Improving scalability and clarity for enhanced project visualization.
  4. Legacy Drawing Conversion:
    • Updating and converting legacy drawings into modern, editable CAD formats.
    • Preserving design intent while meeting current industry standards.

Why Choose Total Engineering Consultants?

  1. Accuracy and Precision:
    • Our skilled team ensures the highest level of accuracy in every CAD conversion project.
  2. Efficiency and Timeliness:
    • Utilization of advanced tools and methodologies for efficient and timely project delivery.
  3. Customized Solutions:
    • Tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements and specifications of your project.
  4. Quality Assurance:
    • Rigorous quality checks to ensure the fidelity of the converted CAD files.

How We Work:

  1. Initial Assessment:
    • Understanding the scope, specifications, and goals of your CAD conversion project.
  2. Conversion Process:
    • Employing advanced software and techniques to convert drawings while preserving accuracy.
  3. Client Collaboration:
    • Regular updates and collaboration to ensure alignment with your expectations.
  4. Quality Checks:
    • Thorough quality assurance processes to guarantee the precision of the converted CAD files.

Get Started:

Ready to digitize your drawings and enhance your design workflow? Contact us today to discuss your 2D CAD Conversion needs and experience the Total Engineering Consultants commitment to precision and excellence.


Total Engineering Consultants is your reliable partner for 2D CAD Conversion Services, combining expertise with technology to transform your concepts into digital reality. Contact us today to embark on a journey of enhanced design efficiency and accuracy.
Total Engineering Consultants LLC is a multi-talented engineering company that provides a wide range of CAD Conversion services for our national & international clients. We help you with accurate conversion service to moving your design to another software platform, for all types of structural design services.

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